Preparation talks with various makers

At the beginning of February, the OK management of the European Tennis Championship met with the Hamburg GSV club representatives and with the management of the Hamburg Open, which will be responsible for the ATP professional tournament between July 11th and 19th, 2020. Many points were exchanged and some ideas communicated. Above all, it was about the clean and smooth handover between the professional tournament and the European Deaf Tennis Championship, a difficult hurdle for everyone involved.

Then we met those responsible for the Club an der Alster, Mr. Rott and Mr. Kastner from DTB. We still have to work through many points in order to master the organization together and to clarify the technical requirements. Furthermore, we have to clarify which rooms we need in the entire system. Then we exchanged ideas with the event management team Kastenmayer from the State Sports Office Hamburg, what we still have to do in relation to the public and sponsors.

Finally, the OC management discussed internally and informed the club representatives of the Hamburg GSV what still needs to be done. The award ceremony for the winner T. Schulz for the EM tennis logo competition in the evening had to be postponed to April 3 due to illness. A further preparatory meeting including a workshop for the drivers and volunteers is planned for this date.

The next day there was further exchange at the tennis course in the hall of the Hamburg Tennis Association.

Jan Eichler, responsible for public relations at the German Deaf Sports Association, takes us behind the scenes of the Am Rothenbaum tennis facility in Hamburg.

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