Tennis Stadion “Am Rothenbaum”

We are proud to host a European championship in a top sports stadium for the first time in the history of deaf sports!

The tennis complex “Am Rothenbaum” is located in the Harvestehude district of Hamburg and belongs to the “Club an der Alster”. The complex has 13 red sand courts and has been an important venue for high class tennis tournaments since 1892. ATP Hamburg is currently being played here and until 2002 women’s tournaments were held here (WTA Hamburg).

As an important tennis facility, it also houses the headquarters of the German Tennis Association (DTB). In 1997 the stadium got its current roof and was expanded to its todays capacity of 13,200 seats. This makes the stadium one of the 15 largest tennis stadiums in the world.

The investments in the complex prove that the tennis stadium on the Rothenbaum is an important and historic place in the history of tennis. The entrance area and the plaza will be redesigned and made more spacious. A “Walk of Champions” will be built, which connects the plaza and the club house and hosts an interactive exhibition. So that the quality of the center court also increases, the roof construction and the seats are modernized.


The tennis complex Am Rothenbaum is easily accessible by all means of transport. The Möwenpick Hotel Hamburg is also in the immediate vicinity.

Der Club an der Alster (DCadA)

The Club an der Alter was first founded on November 28, 1919 by members of the Alster Pirates as an association dedicated to hockey. The tennis department was finally founded in 1927 and has been a member of the “Leading Tennis Clubs of Germany” since 2014.